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Question: How Can i Submit music for distribution?

Answer: it's very simple you click on the distribution tab and pay for your album or song to get distributed

and our staff will place your song or album in stores immediately.

Question: How long does it take for my album or song to be in stores after i paid?

Answer: Once we recieve your music in our email we send it directly to our partners the same day.

so to answer your question it can take between 3-5 business days depending on our partners.

Question: How do i get paid? and when do i get paid?

Answer: every artist on our site gets paid on the 19th of every month. if your account does'nt reach the minimum

amount of 50.00 for that month you have to wait for the account to reach that amount in order for us to process your payment.

most of our payments are sent to the artist paypal account. mostly everyone who pays for our services has a paypal account.

if you don't have a paypal account and you paid us with a credit or debit card we will contact you with a payment processing option

such as check or money order if you don't have a paypal account.

Question: How much does your company keep from our record sales?

Answer: Our company does'nt take any of your record sales that's why we only charge to get your music in stores.

all the artists that paid to get their music in stores keep 100% of their royalties that we collect for them.

Question: If im not satisfied with your services can i get a refund?

Answer: Our company will give you a refund depending on the serices you selected and the time framing of the refund.

for example: if you paid to get your music in stores and wait a week or two to decide you want a refund it's too late because

our staff members probably already sent your music to stores and once your music is sent to stores in order for us to take it down

it's a long process and it costs money to take down your music from our partners platform.

Question: How Much it cost to take my album or song off stores after it's been released?

Answer: in order for us to take down your album or song from stores we have to contact the partner directly

and the fee will be 150.00 dollars to take it down.  our staff members do get paid for their hard work.

Question: i have a song i did with a famous person can i use that song to put it in stores?

Answer: in order for us to help you put your music in stores it has to be original content

and you have to own the rights to the music you plan to distribute with our company.

doing a song with a famous person does'nt give you the right to put it in stores you 

have to ask permission from that artist and have a written document stamped by a professional party

with a witness and signatures from both parties such as you the producer and the rapper you did the song with.

stating that you have permission to use it for distribution.