our distribution services requires artists to send us their music in 320 bitrate or higher in mp3 format.

once your music is sent out to iTunes we can't cancel it without a 100.00 fee otherwise it will stay on iTunes till you pay the cancellation fee.

your music must be original, unless you have direct written permission from the artist or label in a contract with signatures and notary stamped.

and power of attorney. 

your artwork aka your album cover must be clear, and saved in pixel of 1425x1425 and absolutely have no url or links to anything on it.

no twitter, facebook, instagram links or logos on it. no contact numbers on it. your album should only have your label name on it.

and your rap name and album name on it. iTunes will not release it for you.

once you pay for your music to be distributed by us there's no refunds.

in order for our company to pay you the money you made from your music you will have to reach a minimum of 50.00 usd in order for us to pay you. 

so if your account reaches 45.00 and didn't sell anything else we will keep it on hold until you do.

unfortunately our company is ran old school style there's no monthly reporting pdf system we can snap a shot of it and show you there's no platform for you to login into.

so choose wisely before you choose us to distribute your music.

same thing goes for youtube your account must reach 50.00 dollars minimum for us to pay you. 


1. if you decide that you no longer want us to keep your music in stores. there's a fee of $100.00 to take it down.

otherwise it will stay in stores until you pay that fee.

2. if your music doesn't reach  the minimum of  $50.00 you will not receive your check until you you do.

3. your album cover, and music must meet the requirements on top in order for us to release it.

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